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About Us

Naovis is a Serbian software company founded in Novi Sad (Republic of Serbia), in March 2011. The Naovis team is specialised in the development, maintenance and operations of long-term software solutions for international financial institutions based, mainly, in Switzerland and Europe. The use of modern technologies and a sophisticated concept in web development has given us the opportunity to develop a broad range of products in .NET, Java and front-end technologies.

Our team is composed of more than 50 highly qualified software and IT specialists, most of which are based in Serbia (Novi Sad), Luxembourg and Switzerland. Our mother house is based in Switzerland since 1999.

The company culture is result and service oriented putting an emphasis on team spirit, creativity, qualification, specialisation, discipline and quality.

Creativity and a willingness to go beyond boundaries is a great challenge for every member of the team and is encouraged and promoted by the management. Each member of Naovis contributes to our business success shown in the satisfaction of our clients.

Testimonials of our Team members

I am very pleased with the level of communications in the company, the learning opportunities and challenging tasks.

Senior Developer, M, 28 years old

Naovis decided to give me job even though I didn't have much experience in the technologies they were looking for. I tried to show them that I’m a hard worker and I was progressing rapidly. They noticed this and rewarded my effort.

Senior Developer, M, 29 years old

At Naovis we are not just churning out functionalities. Thanks to the long lifecycles of our projects, we are more involved in analysis and modeling. Therefore we produce more reusable, extensible, flexible code that increases our personal satisfaction in our work.

Senior Developer, M, 29 years old

A very positive, and good working atmosphere.

Senior Developer, M, 27 years old

Excellent interpersonal relations among colleagues and excellent working environment. A place to learn new technologies and administration techniques from and teach others technologies that they haven’t previously encountered. Management is open to and encourages new ideas from employees. Excellent place for developing a professional career.

Administrator, M, 34 years old

Naovis allows me to be creative and be in touch with the latest technologies. Huge resources for testing before actual deployment or implementation of products guarantees that each is an exact match to the client’s need.

Administrator, M, 34 years old

Exciting projects and various demands on projects guarantee an exponential learning curve. Continual training and team work provide knowledge and experience.

Administrator, M, 34 years old

Naovis gives you opportunity to learn, improve, and prove yourself ina comfortable and pleasant working environment. You feel like part of the team while working on interesting projects and products provided by the latest technologies.. Creativity is indeed appreciated.

Senior Developer, M, 28 years old

At Naovis every employee is greatly appreciated because they are aware that everyone has something valuable to say.

Senior Developer, F, 34 years old

Every day at work is a new adventure, with challenges that help us learn as much as possible. We explore every detail and every problem that is thrown at us.

Senior Developer, F, 26 years old

Great teamwork environment, highly skilled and experienced co-workers who accepted me as equal even thought I didn't have any experience. Great learning opportunities through innovating and challenging tasks.

Junior Developer, M, 24 years old

I was attracted to Naovis by its well known good working environment and a wide range of modern technology used. Good communication and understanding among team members was an additional plus, not to mention the great opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. I'm happy to be a part of such a great team.

Senior Developer, F, 31 years old

If you're looking for an environment where you will be surrounded with great people, work on interesting projects, improve your skills and be well rewarded for your efforts - then Naovis is the place for you.

Senior Developer, M, 33 years old

Beside all things mentioned above, the most important part is the excellent co-workers, who are highly skilled, friendly and willing to share their knowledge and experience.

Administrator, M, 34 years old

Through my experiences at Naovis, I have learned a lot about the business world, and myself. We are constantly presented with challenges and pushed beyond our comfort zone. Being a part of a strong team, we have no limits. And that is empowering.

Software Architect, M, 29 years old

Great teamwork environment. Innovating tasks, challenging problems to solve and access to the latest technologies. Improving each day, I become more confident. Getting a job at Naovis was a step forward in my career.

Quality Assurance, M, 31 years old

I enjoy working at Naovis firstly, because of the people I work with. It's great working with a team of talented people who genuinely enjoy what they do. Since I didn't have much experience, I am grateful for given opportunity to work with them and to learn from them.

Junior Software Developer, M, 27 years old

I won't only say how I improved my technical skills in Naovis, because it's possible in many software companies nowadays. Over time, I've also started working in management and had a lot of support and guidance that have led me in the right direction. I've developed myself professionally thanks to the excellent communications among colleagues and support of superiors.

Senior Developer, M, 32 years old

Collaboration is the key of our success. Our colleagues are being selected based on their technical skills, communication skills, work ethic and pro-active attitude. This is how we can set new goals, over and over.

Senior Developer, M, 31 years old

Nice working environment, pleasant and highly skilled colleagues, open minded management and working freedom are my strongest impressions.

Senior Developer, M, 34 years old

Excellent work conditions. Everybody gets great opportunities and benefits that include learning, practice, and traveling.

Quality Assurance, F, 27 years old

I've made a lot of new friends while working in Naovis. Beside good working atmosphere, company puts emphasis on frequent team buildings, where we strengthen our friendship. I would also like to point out sports activities covered by the company, because that's a big part of my satisfaction.

Quality Assurance, M, 32 years old


Software developers, quality assurance engineers and system administrators in Naovis use up-to-date technologies in all fields of expertise, in order to be able to grow professionally while working in a pleasant and challenging environment at the same time.

Your career

You want to work on big projects, with many other developers on vast databases involving a lot of users.

You want to provide flexible and scalable business software solutions requiring a high-level of knowledge, commitment, full site-support, open mindedness and a pragmatic approach.

You want to create rich web applications, being involved in all phases of the software development lifecycle and acquire valuable experience broadening your scope of abilities.

You like to think beyond limitations by proposing and creating new solutions.

You want to work in company that puts an emphasis on team spirit, creativity, quality and user experience.

We can offer you endless opportunities to develop your skills and expertise, with planned Learning opportunities, during a long-term professional career with our company. Everyone’s opinion is important and matters. We believe in sharing information, knowledge, open discussion and detailed analyses for adjusting old or implementing new functionalities in our software products. Our team is friendly, with experienced professionals, who are always ready to help their colleagues. Good knowledge of English language is required.

Student practice

You need a practice or you are finishing your studies? Then apply to join us and be part of our team.

Naovis has a long experience of students training, offering them the possibility to taste active life while beiing supervised and advised by experimented professionals who, for most of them, also had this opportunity. You will be involved from the analysis to the development, including mockups realization, databases creation and the research for the most suitable technologies for the realization of your project, and will experiment many aspects of software engineering. You will work on project directly related to our fields of expertise and will make daily usage of English, as it is essential for an effective communication with our clients and our colleagues.

Apply now!

  • Bachelor or Master degree in computer science
  • Good knowledge of: C#, ASP.NET, MVC 5, WCF, Web Forms, Web Services, Visual Studio 2015, HTML 4/5, CSS 2/3, JQuery, ReactJS, relational database concepts
  • Bachelor or Master degree in computer science
  • Good knowledge of: Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Web Services, HTML 4, CSS 2/3, JavaScript,relational database concepts , Eclipse
  • Bachelor or Master degree in computer science
  • Strong knowledge of: relational database concepts, MS Access, Sql, ODBC
  • Bachelor or Master degree in computer science
  • Good knowledge of: JavaScript, ReactJS, MobX, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Jest
  • Bachelor or Master degree in computer science or appropriate SonicWALL Certification
  • Good Knowledge of: SonicWALL Firewalls (NSA and TZ Series), Switches (HP), Windows Technologies (AD, DNS, GPO), Scripting (VBS, VBA, PowerShell)
  • Ability to work under pressure, high sense of responsibility and reliability, goal oriented working style, flexibility
  • Bachelor or Master degree in computer science or appropriate Microsoft Certification
  • Good Knowledge of: Windows Server Technologies: (AD, DNS, DHCP, DFS, GPO, WSUS, MDT), SQL Server (2012, 2014), Scripting (VBS, VBA, PowerShell)
  • Ability to work under pressure, high sense of responsibility and reliability, goal oriented working style, flexibility
  • Bachelor or Master degree in computer science, engineering, economy, mathematics or equivalent
  • Work experience in software quality assurance / Strong knowledge of software QA methodologies and mockup tools
  • Solid knowledge of SQL, relational database concepts, and Office Products (Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint)
  • Good communication skills, ability to think and express in clear and precise manner
  • Bachelor or Master degree in computer science, engineering, economy, mathematics or equivalent
  • Solid knowledge of SQL, relational database concepts, and Office Products (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)
  • Able to monitor and analyze information and data systems and evaluate their performance to discover ways of enhancing them (new technologies, upgrades etc.)
  • An analytical mindset with problem-solving skills, good communication skills, ability to think and express in clear and precise manner
  • Passing all the faculty exams and enrollment for the following school year on time.
  • Attendance of student practice in our facility.
  • Willingness and ability to learn new technologies and business areas.


We can help you save time and organize your arrival.
Our office is located only 10 minutes walk from Rail Station Novi Sad. If you use another type of transportation, you will arrive

By car

  • From City Centre in 8 minutes,
  • From Sremska Kamenica in 15 minutes,
  • From Petrovaradin in 15 minutes,
  • From Airport „Nikola Tesla“ in 1 hour

by public transportation/bus „JGSP Novi Sad“ - most of the bus lines are passing through, but lines 4, 7, 7a and 16 stop directly in front of company (direction: from Rail Station).

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